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May 2017
Hockwold Post Office®

15 Malts Lane, Hockwold, Thelford, IP26 4LA
Local Public Consultation Decision
The Hockwold Parish Council have received an email to confirm that the Post Office will be proceeding with the proposal to move the above Post Office branch to Hockwold Village Stores, 88 Main Street, Hockwold, Thetford, IP26 4LW, where it will operate as one of the new local style Post Office branches.
Posters will now be displayed in branch to let customers know about this decision. We’re currently making the final arrangements for the move and further posters will be provided in branch soon to let customers know the actual date the move will take place.
You can also find a copy of the letter on the website When entering the website you will be asked to enter the code for this branch: 11511299


Cleaner Communities – Dog Fouling

Dog Fouling

Dog mess is an eyesore and a health hazard. If you are a dog owner, you have a legal duty to clean up every time your dog messes in a public place. Registered blind people are not required to clean up after their guide dogs. There is also exemption for dog owners on some kinds of public land in England and Wales, including:

  • Land used for agriculture or woodlands
  • Rural common land
  • Land that is predominantly marshland, moor or heath
  • Highways with a speed limit of 50mph or more

Most local councils require dog owners to carry a poop scoop and disposable bag whenever they take their dogs out to a public place. Some councils offer free scoops: ask your council’s animal warden unit.

Look out for bins marked as dog bins to dispose of your dog bag. If you cannot find a dog bin, then double wrap the dog bag and place it in a normal litter bin.

If your street is littered with dog mess, you can ask your local council to clean it.


Lakenheath Surgery to close Hockwold Surgery permanently

Hockwold Cum Wilton Parish Council received a response letter from Lakenheath Surgery regarding the sudden closure of the Hockwold Surgery. The letter was read out at the 10th January meeting. ‘The closure of the Hockwold Surgery at short notice was due to the unforeseen prolonged absence of one of the doctors at the practice.’  It informed the Parish Council that the building will not meet safety standards under the Care Quality Commission. Because of this, the Hockwold Surgery will not be reopening.

26 September 2016

LILY heads out into the community

The popular LILY (Living Independently in Later Years) initiative has been extended with the addition of Lily Advisors who will attend events and activities in the local community to provide advice and information, and the introduction of dementia-friendly home assessments.

Cllr Adrian Lawrence, borough council cabinet member for Housing and Community, explained: “LILY was designed to make it much easier for older people, their families, friends and carers to access information about services, advice, activities and events that will help them to continue to live safely and independently in their own home for longer.

“When the project began this was through the online directory or by calling 01553 616200.”

The LILY Online Directory brings together over 1000 services, activities and events – including information and advice on money matters, social activities, health, transport and more, making it easy for people to find the contacts and information they need.

It also includes sections for a local ‘What’s On’ guide, local news page, NHS Choices information and the site can be searched by category, key words, location or via the sites pre-populated quick links. 

Cllr Lawrence continued: “Now we have extended the initiative further so that we have advisors who are available to attend events such as luncheon clubs, neighbourhood meetings, social or community group events, to talk about the LILY initiative and how it can help. They will have mobile technology so that they can show people how to find their way around the online directory to access the support, advice and information that they need.”

The events/locations that the LILY advisers will be attending can be found on the ‘News’ page of the LILY Online Directory.

Another addition to the LILY project is the funding dementia-friendly home assessments. These assessment will recommend minor adjustments or the introduction of certain measures to enable people with dementia to stay safely in their own home for longer.

Measures that could be considered include signage or colour differentiation for those who suffer with memory loss and are visually impaired, installation of a Careline personal alarm, improved lighting arrangements, smoke detectors and easy-to-use taps along with recommendations for other adaptations that may reduce any potential risk to the resident.

To request a Dementia Friendly Home Assessment please call 01553 760671

For information about LILY visit

Contact: Sharon Clifton, Communications Manager, on 01553 616711 





Hockwold cum Wilton Parish have erected a SAM2 sign in the village. It is a mobile sign and will be moved every four weeks. In some cases it will be flipped to face the opposite direction. The sign will be sited on the verge near to the road.

SAM 2 signs are electronic, flashing sign that is activated by passing vehicles which are travelling over the speed limit. They are deployed when an area has a serious speeding problem, or when requested by a Highways Engineer at Norfolk County Council. These units are educational only, and are not at present used for data collection. SAM (Speed Awareness Message) is a mobile sign, activated by passing vehicles to remind drivers and riders in Norfolk about the dangers of excessive and inappropriate speed. The speed detection signs are set up to face a road and if the speed of the vehicle is below the speed limit the device shows the actual spped that the vehicle is travelling. If the vehicle is travelling above the speed limit, the speed will be displayed along with a “Slow Down” sign. If the speed limit is exceed by 10mph or more, the speed is not shown and the “Slow Down” message will appear. These signs are put in places approved by the Highways Department.

The Parish Council are aware that many residents are concerned about speeding within the village, and they hope that these signs will encourage drivers to be speed aware.


Hockwold Parish Council's photo.


Lloyds Bank Foundation for England and Wales – Enable Programme

Grants of up to £15,000 over two years are available to develop charities supporting people who are experiencing multiple disadvantages.  The fund can be used for:

  • Business and service development and plans
  • Developing monitoring systems
  • Investigating mergers, partnerships, shared services and contract diversification
  • Consultancy
  • Quality standards
  • Developing new income streams

Applications are welcomed on a rolling basis.  For more information please click here.

Tudor Trust

Grants are available to voluntary and community organisations that work directly with people who are on the edges of mainstream society, and encourage inclusion, integration and independence.  The Trust has no minimum or maximum grant levels, but usually do not award less than £10,000.  The grant can be used for core, project and capital costs.  Applications are welcomed at any time.  For more informationplease click here.
The Norfolk Non-Native Species Initiative (NNNSI)is currently working to put together Biosecurity Plans for the western catchments of Norfolk and Suffolk. These plans will help us to improve the management and eradication of invasive species present in the catchments. Invasive species include plants such as Himalayan balsam and Japanese knotweed, and animals such as American mink and muntjac deer.

To help make these plans as useful as possible, we need up to date and accurate data on the distribution of freshwater invasive species and further information about activities being carried out within the catchments. To get this information we need water users, land owners and stakeholders to complete a brief online survey (~10 minutes). The information provided will be incredibly useful in helping us draw up the most practical and efficient plans to improve the management of invasive species.

You can access the survey here:

As a thank you, we are offering five £10 Cotswold Outdoor giftcards, which will be randomly awarded to five participants.  If you would like to enter the prize draw, please leave your e-mail in the box at the end of the survey.

Safer Internet Day

If you would like some advice and tips on how to make access to the internet safer for children in your care please download the advice leaflet below.


Would you like to the Parish Council have the right to appeal planning decisions?

If you would then please go to to add your name to a petition to the government for this to happen.

Better Broadband For Norfolk

To find out how broadband access is being improved locally please read this:

Better Broadband for Norfolk info sheet



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