Annual Parish Assembly

The Annual Parish Assembly occurs in every year.

In 2021 the meeting will be on 6th May 2021 7:30pm. This year due to the COVID 19 restrictions, the APA will be held virtually. Please email the clerk at [email protected] for more details.

The purpose of the Annual Parish Assembly is so that the Parish Council can explain its achievements over the last year and future aspirations. This is also an opportunity to enable the electors to have their say on anything they consider important to the people of the Parish. One of the main objectives is to achieve a large turnout as it is an opportunity to hear from representatives of the community and there is a chance to promote some new ideas. A speaker on a topic of interest is organised and the event publicised.

There will be an opportunity for the public and press to express their opinions on what the Parish Council and their works throughout the year at the meeting. This is a community event. The Parish Council will be providing refreshments, presentations from community groups, a guest speaker and providing an informal atmosphere.

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